Upper Rogue Historical Society

Open Wednesday through Sunday, 11:30 am until 3:30 pm from mid-April to October 1.  Weekends all year.
(They will also arrange guided tours of the 3 acre display and picnic area upon request.)

144 Old Highway 62
Trail, OR 97541
(541) 621-4462

The former Trail Creek Tavern Museum, now enhanced by many additions, including the old Shady Cove City Hall, still welcomes visitors. Along with our usual hours, we are happy to arrange guided tours of our 3 acre display and picnic area. Our collection has widely varied exhibitions of the artifacts and photos peculiar to the timber and ranching activities, which, along with sport fishing and enjoying our scenic area by both tourists and retirees to our beautiful river valley, fuels our local economy. Once the center of a thriving community pre-dating Shady Cove, which once and still, shelters wealthy fishermen, we are now a quiet by-way reminiscent of earlier times. The old wild times are fondly remembered by some, now, thankfully, the Sheriff's Department is seldom needed.  We gladly host special events, have ample parking and an on-site caretaker.