Big Butte Historical Society

E. W. Smith and Bill Edmondson Museum

Open by appointment.

432 Pine Street
Butte Falls, OR 97522

The Big Butte Historical Society began in the early 1990's with a small museum housed in an 1890's
Medco train caboose. Our exhibits were then extended into the library depot museum. In the mid 90's
the Society acquired the home of Dr. E.W. Smith. We extensively renovated the building and
established a permanent museum. This museum highlights the lives of E.W. Smith and Bill
Edmondson. Smith photographed the history of the development of Butte Falls from the early days of
the mill, while Edmondson carved our history in wood. Knowing history helps us know who we are as
a community. The preservation of our history is important because of the uniqueness of our past and
how our past contributes to this place we call Jackson County.